Expanded Metal Benches


Expanded Metal Benches:

This product has been in our industry since time began (well, it seems like it). The only difference between your Grandfather’s benches and newer ones is that the new ones won’t tip!

Our expanded metal benches are made from galvanized materials and are engineered for today’s work environment. The benches are available in either a stationary bench or, for those who wish to maximize greenhouse space, rolling. Our benches are made with all the latest features. Aluminum side profile, anti tip mechanisms, roller stops, smooth rounded corners, 6 inches of height adjustment in the legs, and we can claim these are the easiest bench to install. No size is out of the question as every bench is custom made to suit your layout.

If you are calling for a quote these are some of the questions we will ask:

  1. What size is your greenhouse?
  2. What crop will you be growing?
  3. Would you prefer rolling or stationary benches?
  4. Will you require heat supports for under bench heating systems?
  5. Will the benches be mounted onto a concrete pathway, poured concrete piers, or set on ground cover?
  6. Do you require raised or flattened expanded metal?
  7. Will the benches be used for production or retail or both?
  8. When will you need delivery?
This is the same bench frame we use for our production flood benches and trough tables!

Think you can make the same bench yourself and save money? We challenge you, our pricing won’t disappoint!

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