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Flood Benches:

If you are reading this page it is likely that you are interested in saving water and reducing your labor costs while maintaining or improving your crop quality. Flood benching may be the right system for you! If you have an acre of greenhouse or less, this cost effective approach to sub-irrigation is something to consider. Flood benches have been around for some time. However if you have never grown using sub-irrigation, we tell all our customers the first year might be a bit of a learning curve but the following year you will wonder why you did not do it sooner. The labor savings alone will justify the investment, the other benefits are extras. Zwart Systems design doesn't just stop at the bench. It elevates itself in the market when we start to talk about water management, filtration, and durable bench construction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have an existing bench that I would like to convert to this system. Is it possible?

    No problem! Your bench will need a cross-support every 18 inches or, in cases where you have expanded metal on 24” supports, that will work as well. The bench should be leveled and we need to know the dimensions so we can design a system for you.

  • I’m not sure how to lay it out or what bench size I would need?

    Our experienced team can offer suggestions that will optimize your growing area yet allow for the best working conditions.

  • I would love to buy a system like this but I’m not a handy person. How hard is it to install flood benches?

    Zwart Systems offers CAD drawings and photo instructions to assist the do-it –yourselfer or, if you prefer, we can quote you full installation and commissioning as well. When we walk away you will be ready to do what you do best, GROW! Allow us to quote on your next project!

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