Trough Benches


Trough Benches:

This little known gem of the industry is perhaps the best kept secret among growers. Trough tables have been around for over 20 years, and currently cover some 75+ acres of production across North America.

This product has been used to convert expanded metal and flood benches from other manufactures into a better growing system. We also offer complete bench systems. The principle is actually quite simple. Slope your bench approximately 4 inches on 100 feet. Apply water to the high end , let the water flow under the plants and collect the excess water again on the low side.

The surface dries quickly after the water supply valve stops and leaves a white reflective surface. The troughs have a gap between them for vertical air flow to help dry down the crop evenly. The benches can be stationary or rolling and can grow any potted crop to perfection (with your help of course)! For small trials, we send the trough in sections for you to overlap, pop rivet and connect on site.

For larger installations we roll the trough on site. The product is made of marine grade aluminum, painted white, and clear coated for corrosion resistance. In over twenty years of experience installing this system we have not had any customers come back for replacement troughs. Please review the pictures and the tech sheet for trough size options. Our most popular sizes are the 9 ¾ and the 7 3/8

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