Humidification and cooling are often interchangeable in the greenhouse environment as both use the same equipment.Water that has been atomized to fine particles can be very useful to bring dry environments to a level of relative humidity that plants thrive in.In hot summer conditions, that same fog can provide evaporative cooling as it draws heat energy out of the air.Germination chambers have long used humidity control to increase the germination of their seedlings. Plant propagators are also well versed in the need to raise humidity for rooting cuttings or starting young seedlings.Production growers find the control of humidity reduces stress on their crops and in the case of plants such as orchids or tropicals can reproduce the conditions these plants are naturally found in.Vegetable producers see less blossom- end rot , less flower drop due to stress and larger fruit due to cooler conditions.All these reasons make humidification and evaporative cooling a tool that should be seriously considered by today's top growers.

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