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Perfect Rain

We call our boom irrigators Perfect Rain for the simple reason that we can offer the most uniform and versatile irrigation and mist over any crop that would only be matched if you could control your own rain-clouds.

Boom irrigators come in as many styles and models as there are greenhouses to put them in. If you look across an older range of greenhouses you could probably see the evolution of booms as technology has improved. Large heavy bars ,motor-driven chains and basic controls with back and forth switches have given way to light weight frames, direct drive motors and sophisticated controllers with user-friendly interfaces offering a myriad of grower options.

Zwart Systems is proud to be able to offer a custom solution to every growers unique requirements. From single bay , single bar, single zone to 42 wide booms across 6 benches needing irrigation and misting on 64 individual zones, we can supply the right boom for the right application.

Perfect Rain booms come with a hose trolley option or our high hose option that keeps the hose and wiring tucked between the rail pipes.

Perfect Rain booms can run on rails supplied by Zwart Systems, supplied by the growers or even heat pipes that have been designed to double as boom rails.

We offer spray bars with rotating 3-way nozzles for irrigation, spraying and misting or dual spray bars for automated switching between irrigation and misting.

We are also pleased to offer 2 unique control systems, each with its own advantages.

Our DC controller offers 64 zones of irrigation with your choice of 20 user-programmable crops. An easy to use LCD display allows for quick set up of crops, zones , passes and speeds. Each crop can have it's own irrigation speed, misting speed and number of passes. Crop zones are determined by magnets placed on the rail pipes. A fully programmable 7-day clock is included with 3 starts per day. Manual starting and stopping from the controller is also possible. The boom can be triggered to start it's program by an environmental computer output or a simple time clock.

Our AC controller offers 12 zones of irrigation with 5 programmable programs (speed and valves open per zone) that can be initiated by your environmental computer or manually from the control box. A removable LCD controller can program any boom and then be stored in your office for safe keeping. The AC controller uses a shaft encoder instead of magnets. This allows the boom to know exactly where it is in the greenhouse to 1/64" . Full variable- speed control and a purge option that allows you to clear spray, irrigation in the hose or to allow heated water to flush out before irrigating, complete the package.

Whatever your crop, or your greenhouse, Zwart Systems can design an Irrigation boom that will put you in control of the Perfect Rain . For inquires, hit the contact page and send in an email.

We would love to hear from you.

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