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Automated Drip Systems

Zwart Systems offers the complete line of Netafim Products for all your drip irrigation needs. These products include:

  • Hanging basket drippers
  • Individual dripper assemblies with standard 30” white tubing
  • Custom length individual dripper assemblies
  • 1.1lt/hr, 2 lt/hr, 3 lt/hr, 4lt/hr individual drippers
  • 8 lt/hr 4-way manifold systems with modulating stakes
  • Nursery sprinkler stakes in 3.2, 6.6, 7.9 and 10.6 GPH
  • In-line drip systems
  • Drip tapes in 2” holes, 4” holes, 8mil or 15mil
  • Poly pipe for drip distribution in black or white
  • Poly pipe in 16mm, 18mm,20,,25mm and 32mm


If you have done some irrigation work around your greenhouses, you likely have had to deal with poly pipe. One of the worst jobs when dealing with poly pipe for drippers is punching the holes to your desired spacing as well before inserting the drippers. Let us take that labour out of your equation. We will punch the poly pipe to the spacing you need and for an additional fee we will insert the drippers for you making this process a nice experience.

Besides the standard ½” – 2” white line poly pipe we also offer Netafim products 16mm- 1” and everything in between.

New for Netafim is co-extruded poly pipe, Black on the inside and White on the outside. This product offers the security of no light transmission through the pipe wall, and delivers the benefits of white for performance and a clean look. For larger size poly pipe we also offer HDPE (high density polyethylene) pipe in sizes 2” to 12”. This product requires special fusion welding by our trained technicians.

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