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CR Pumpset

Zwart Systems has built a custom fertilizer injection pumpset for virtually every flow range and every crop imaginable in it’s long history of irrigation design. From small 40GPM systems to 700GPM vegetable range units, we’ve done them all.

Whether it is an A,B and acid mixing tank system or single element, whether it is venturi and motor-valve fed or pump and stack fed or even if it is direct- injection with frequency drive injector pumps and a blend tube, we can design the unit that fits your project. We can offer soft-start motors or Variable Frequency drive controls, dual system pumps for emergency back-up, direct acid injection (no mixing!) and manual or computer –controlled pre-EC blending valves.

We are able to work with any grower’s preference of a computer system to provide a computer-ready unit for ease of installation. As always, we offer complete installation and service of all our units. Talk to one of our sales consultants today to see how we can design the unit that is just right for you!

Proportional Control

Zwart Systems is proud to be a supplier and service depot for Dosatron injectors. These reliable and low-cost injectors are simple to operate and rely only on your water system’s pressure to provide accurate injection of your pre-mixed fertilizer solutions. Dosatron fertilizer injectors can be used in a variety of installations and configurations; mount them on booms or benches, or use them in conjunction with our portable Dosatron carts for fertigation dosing on the go.

Increase your flow with parallel installations, or inject multiple nutrients with series installations. It’s all up to you! Superior engineering is what sets Dosatron apart from other fertilizer injectors on the market. These injectors are engineered to provide repeatable results with minimal maintenance, saving you time and money. Adjusting the amount of fertilizer injected is easy with the ratio-selector stems. And as always, our service team is ready to provide parts, troubleshooting, and any other support you need. Discover the difference Dosatron can make in your greenhouse, garden center, or nursery.

Mobile Injection

Many growers want to be able to fertilize just a bench or an area or perhaps use a fungicide on only one crop. This can be difficult if your injection system uses a common mainline to supply all areas. Some growers have mounted proportional injectors on hand-carts with a pail for supply or used a wagon but if you ever pulled on a hose and watched your cart tip over and your injector crack as it hits the ground, you would know why we developed a Dosatron Cart that will last a lifetime.

Made with a stainless steel frame and your choice of pneumatic or solid tires and with a low centre-of gravity, these carts are rugged and reliable. We offer your choice of 14GPM, 20GPM or 40GPM injectors, with either a single 20Gal tank or 2 x 12Gal tanks for solutions. Each cart comes with a filter to protect your Dosatron, hose connections that are either threaded or quick-coupling and a 10’ supply hose. A watering wand storage tube is also added for your convenience.

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