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Many farms in North America are experiencing water shortages and rising water costs. As a grower than you realize that water is a top priority for your growing company. There are many ways to solve this problem. You could drill another well, dig a pond, or purchase water from your municipality. Water silos are a cost effective way to store water! On many farms growers may have 3 - 4 or more wells on site, none of which produce large quantities of water. A water silo allows those wells to run continuously and fill a water buffer large enough to store plenty of water to irrigate your entire farm for a day or more in a reasonable watering schedule.

Other farms with gutter- connect greenhouses have a simple way to collect rain- water yet usually waste it away. Rain-water is perhaps the best quality of water at the cheapest price. With a little bit of pipe and a water silo you could turn this free resource into a valuable advantage on your farm.

Once your water is stored, you have control over your irrigation. You now have a volume that you can control on your own terms. Water silos come in many sizes (over a hundred). When inquiring on a silo the following information will be required:

  • How many Gallons (litres) would you like to store?
  • Is the silo going inside or outside?
  • How much usable space do you have? Height and width.
  • Suction from over top of the silo or from underneath (flooded suction)?
  • Will you need an overflow?

Did you spring a leak in your silo liner? We can help! We have the products and the expertise to help you find and fix the problem. Did you need to order a new liner for your existing silo? We can also look after this for you. Give us the dimensions of the silo and if it has a manchette (port in the liner) in the bottom for a suction pipe and we will get you a quote.

Zwart Systems also has a wide variety of above- ground poly tanks as well as poly and fiberglass stock tanks for you to choose from. Just give us a call or drop us an email.

Stock Tanks

What can we say we would not be much of an irrigation company of we did not sell stock tanks. We do sell round tanks for acid or small batches 12, 20, 50 gallon tanks with lids. However if you do not like mixing fertilizer every hour or every day have we got something for you. Fiberglass square tanks with lids. 600, 1000, 2200, or 4400 litre tanks and if that is not enough we also have a nice system to agitate the tanks. Provide 110 volt power and comprssed air and we will do the rest. Please call for pricing.

Stock Tank Bubblers

Zwart Systems offers our customers simple solutions to age-old problems. How many farms have you been to and seen a boat paddle sticking out the stock tank. Perhaps yours is one of them!

No need to be ashamed, the boat paddle works! But for those of us who are forgetful and find our fertilizer mixtures settling to the bottom of the stock tank, we at Zwart Systems have come up with a simple solution. You supply the compressed air off your standard air compressor and a 110V outlet and we will supply you with the materials to make this tedious task into an automatic one.

Each control system can handle up to 4 stock tanks in the same area. You set the time intervals and the run time and the controller will do the rest. When you call to order this product we will need to know the diameter of your stock tank. This product is inexpensive when compared to mechanical mixers, will not rust and there are no moving parts to maintain.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I buy foundation stones? Can I buy them from you?

    There is nothing special about these stone pavers. 12” x 12” x 2” ish thick stones can be purchased in the interlocking stone department of most landscape suppliers. Oh, and yes you can buy them from us.

  • If I bury my tank, is that Okay?

    The manufacturer suggests that if you are building outside you should bury it 1 meter or 3 feet. If you would like to bury it deeper it’s your call. Many customers have, but you know your soil conditions better than we do. At any rate, should you put any amount below grade, coat of foundation tar on any outside below grade surface is strongly recommended? Again this can be purchased at most landscape suppliers.

  • I have built my silo but the liner is baggy. Why?

    Liners will shrink over time. The liner is left larger than initially required to compensate for shrinkage over the life of the liner.

  • I received multiple skids on my delivery. Where do I start?

    The silo is shipped so that the first ring of plates you need are on the top of the pile. On large silos the product is delivered on multiple skids this can present a problem. All the rings are labeled for plate thickness. The skid with the thickest plates should be used first! Thickest plates on the bottom, thinnest on the top!

  • What is a Manchetta?

    On some silos the liners are made to accept pipes through the bottom for suction and overflow. The manchetta is the access point for these pipes to go through. It is in the shape of a witch’s hat and gets squeezed over the pipe and secured with a special tape to seal it. Generally these are placed in the center of the silo and typically 3 feet of the side wall should a second one be required.

  • I did not get an anti algae cover with mine. Why?

    On larger silos the algae cover can become a kite and it is not wise to put one on. So they are not supplied.

  • Which way do the bolts go in?

    Bolts on the inside, Nuts out!

  • Is there anyone who will build this for me?

    We will. We have built many silos, and we are willing to build more.

  • Can I buy another one?


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