Research / Medicinal MJ


For many years Zwart Systems has been involved in various Research greenhouse and indoor growing facilities. We have been involved in several USA DARPA projects, agricultural research facilities and in the last number of years an increasing number of medicinal and legalized Marijuana projects in both Canada and the US. We have worked closely with 2/3rds of the licensed producers in Canada as well as a number of projects across the US such as Colorado, New Jersey, Nevada, and California to name a few. Many of our customers rely on us to take greenhouse production models and apply them to this fast growing industry. We have extensive knowledge on indoor and Greenhouse growing facilities and have incorporated table systems, environmental control, Co2 distribution, computer controlled fertigation, water disinfection, water storage, Reverse Osmosis systems, and zero run-off recirculation in all types of facilities. Our design team can produce a complete set of drawings for your project upon request. Let the Zwart team provide the design, equipment and installation expertise for your project!

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