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Stock Tank Bubblers:

Zwart Systems offers our customers simple solutions to age-old problems. How many farms have you been to and seen a boat paddle sticking out the stock tank. Perhaps yours is one of them!

No need to be ashamed, the boat paddle works! But for those of us who are forgetful and find our fertilizer mixtures settling to the bottom of the stock tank, we at Zwart Systems have come up with a simple solution. You supply the compressed air off your standard air compressor and a 110V outlet and we will supply you with the materials to make this tedious task into an automatic one.

Each control system can handle up to 4 stock tanks in the same area. You set the time intervals and the run time and the controller will do the rest. When you call to order this product we will need to know the diameter of your stock tank. This product is inexpensive when compared to mechanical mixers, will not rust and there are no moving parts to maintain.