Expanded Metal

Expanded Metal Benches from Zwart Systems are made from galvanized materials and are engineered for today’s greenhouse environment.

Expanded Metal Benching Systems at Zwart Systems | Greenhouse Irrigation & Automation Specialists, Beamsville, Ontario

Expanded Metal Benching

Expanded metal benches are most commonly used for propagation spaces, retail applications, or to support a drip system fed potted crop. 

Zwart Systems benches can be constructed directly on ground cover, they can be supported by a post hole, or benches can be fastened to the concrete floor.

Benches are available as stationary, rolling, or gliders.

No size is out of the question as every bench is custom-made to suit your layout.

From the Ground Up

At Zwart Systems, we offer complete design, manufacturing, installation, and service of all our products. We can help create a system that's right for you.

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Expanded Metal Overview

Bench Construction

  • Height Adjustable

    All benches have 6-8 inches of height adjustment in the legs so growers can accommodate an uneven floor. The frame structure used in expanded metal benching is the same style as is used for flood benching and trough benching. No size is out of the question as every bench is custom made to suit your layout.

  • Materials

    Zwart benches are constructed using aluminum side profile, anti-tip mechanisms, roller stops, and durable HDPE formed corners that completely cover the rough edges of the expanded metal to finish the bench. Expanded metal tops are available in two different finishes, raised expanded metal or flattened.

    Raised expanded metal is stronger, while flattened expanded metal is nice for sliding trays without experiencing table snag. Cross supports on raised expanded metal tables are spaced at 24 inches. 16-inch spacing is required for flattened metal installations to maintain the same level of table strength.

  • Installation

    Installation is quite simple - you can do it yourself, or a Zwart installation team can come in and install your new benches for you. Smart, simple, durable benching. 

    Every bench package comes with a complete set of drawings and assembly instructions - a video reference is also available for reference. A drill, a 1⁄2-inch wrench, and a rubber mallet are the only tools you will need.

Benefits & Customizations

  • Benefits
    • Air pruning for root systems
    • Good airflow
    • Light-weight
    • Simple to construct
    • Anti-tip construction
    • Stationary or rolling
    • Galvanised construction
    • 6-inch adjustable leg
    • Optional integrated heat supports
  • System Customizations
    • Build on soil or concrete
    • Raised or flattened expanded metal
    • Sidewall can be flush with expanded metal or can be constructed as a raised sidewall
  • Sizing Options

    Sizes can be customized to the grower's preference or crop requirement.

    • Length - 8 ft to 150 ft
    • Width - 2 ft to 8 ft
    • Height - 14 in to 36 in

Expanded Metal Benching Systems at Zwart Systems | Greenhouse Irrigation & Automation Specialists, Beamsville, Ontario

  • We have partnered with Zwart Systems on our many expansion projects throughout the United States. On each project Zwart Systems has worked with us to design practical, cost-effective solutions to meet our growing needs. The solutions ranged from simple, quality expanded metal rolling benches to complex custom engineered irrigation and filtration systems for our indoor vertical growing systems and greenhouses. Even though some of these projects were unique, Zwart Systems worked with us to design and supply us with innovative solutions. Throughout the years Zwart Systems has always provided us with quality materials, designs, and unsurpassed service. We look forward to partnering with Zwart Systems on our future expansion projects.
    Robert Hoffman | SHENANDOAH GROWERS | Rockingham, VA

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