Boom Irrigation

At Zwart Systems, we are proud to offer a custom solution to every grower's unique requirements. Our Perfect Rain boom irrigators offer the most uniform and versatile irrigation and mist available.

Boom Irrigation at Zwart Systems | Greenhouse Irrigation & Automation Specialists, Beamsville, Ontario

Boom Irrigation

Zwart Systems has been manufacturing irrigation booms for over a decade. Our booms are made of the highest quality North American materials and are built to last.

Double rail booms are very cost-effective and deliver 99% irrigation uniformity. Zwart Systems offers two control platforms to manage our booms or any other competitors’ booms if that is your desire.

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From the Ground Up

At Zwart Systems, we offer complete design, manufacturing, installation, and service of all our products. We can help create a system that's right for you.

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Boom Irrigation Overview

Zwart Systems Perfect Rain Boom Series of equipment is constantly evolving. With a number of other products soon to be on the market, Zwart Systems aims to be the leader for this product in the greenhouse industry.

Available Systems

  • Perfect Rain 1

    The PR1 controller is a touch screen controller that is very user friendly. By placing magnets on the rail pipe, you can mark up to 16 crops in 32 zones and program the controller to manage each space and crop individually. This controller features a mist program, irrigation and mist spray bar control, variable speed and an input to allow for an external start. No motion alarms and an output to feed an external alarm is all standard equipment on the PR1.

  • Perfect Rain 2

    After much feedback from the industry, Zwart Systems embarked on developing the next level of boom controller. PR2 is a cutting-edge controller that has revolutionized the boom industry. The PR2 controller uses a shaft encoder to track its location in the greenhouse and to set crop locations based on distance by the foot. The PR2 can handle up to 8 solenoid valves and 2 feed selection valves. The controller also allows for up to 9 inputs from your environmental control computer to manipulate crops based on VPD from your current platform. No motion alarms are sent through email to notify the user.

Benefits & System Options

  • Benefits
    • Even watering
    • Labor savings
    • Crop uniformity
    • Great for applying regulators and drenches
    • Excellent for propagation
    • Simple to program
    • Easy to install
    • Touch Screen Display
    • Up to 42ft wide span
    • Perfect Rain DC controller is compatible with boom systems from other manufacturers
  • System Options
    • Single/double spray bar
    • Magnetic zone detection or shaft encoded for proximity
    • Ride-along Dosatron
    • 4-wheel drive standard
    • Hanging dosatron kit
    • Independent edge watering

Boom Irrigation at Zwart Systems | Greenhouse Irrigation & Automation Specialists, Beamsville, Ontario

  • Working with Zwart Systems booms has been a great experience. The control program for operating the boom is very user friendly and versatile. Freeman Herbs has been using Zwart Systems boom irrigation for almost 10 years to irrigate crops and to propagate tens of thousands of seedling and cutting plug trays every year. Because Freeman Herbs grows on a moving bench system, we need a boom program that allows quick easy changes to watering location and frequency to follow the constantly moving crops. Freeman's overall experience running Perfect Rain booms is that they are easy to use and are reliable. If we encounter any problems Zwart Systems and their customer support team are quick to resolve them.
    Brendan Hendricks | FREEMAN HERBS, Lincoln, ON

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