Cyclone Pump Set

Proportional injector systems are an effective way to deliver necessary nutrients to your crop through the irrigation system. Zwart Systems Cyclone Pump Sets take out human error possibilities in proportional injection.

Cyclone Pump Nutrient Management at Zwart Systems | Greenhouse Irrigation & Automation Specialists, Beamsville, Ontario

Cyclone Pump Set

One way in which proportional systems can fall short is in human error—stock solution can be made inconsistent from batch to batch. Injectors can fall out of calibration over time and irrigation will continue to run without alarm warnings when the stock solution is weak, strong, or empty. A second way proportional injectors can be thrown out of calibration is a result of wear and tear on the equipment caused by fertilizer viscosity in the stock solution.

Cyclone Pump Sets are computer-controlled units that consistently deliver temperature compensated EC/pH monitored fertilizers, track progress, graph history and send alarms when EC/pH set points are not achieved.

From the Ground Up

At Zwart Systems, we offer complete design, manufacturing, installation, and service of all our products. We can help create a system that's right for you.

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Cyclone Pump Overview

Zwart Systems can design a unit that fits your greenhouse or farm requirement. We offer soft start motors or variable frequency drive controls, dual system pumps for emergency back-up, direct acid injection (no mixing!) and manual or computer-controlled pre-EC blending valves.

Applications & Options

  • Cyclone Pump Applications
    • Vegetable production
    • Flower production
    • Multiple crop production
    • Substrate production
    • Ebb and flow systems
  • System Options
    • A, B acid mixing tank or single element feed systems
    • Venturi and motor-valve fed systems
    • Pump and stack fed systems with dosing valve
    • Re-circulating batch tank systems
    • Direct-inject units with frequency drive injector pumps
    • Soft start motors
    • Variable frequency drive controls
    • Dual-system pumps for emergency back-up
    • Direct acid injection (no mixing!)
    • Manual or computer-controlled pre-EC blending valves

Benefits & Features

  • Benefits
    • Accurate dosing
    • Variable flow capacity
    • Will interface with different computer controls
    • Integrated irrigation
    • Stock solution flexibility
    • Optional constant control
  • Features
    • Stainless steel system pumps
    • Epoxy coated steel filters
    • Twin EC, pH sensors, control, and guard
    • Units from 40 GPM to 600 GPM
    • Flow sensors
    • Stainless steel frame
    • High-quality valves, fittings and components
    • Fiberglass or poly mixing tanks

Cyclone Pump Nutrient Management at Zwart Systems | Greenhouse Irrigation & Automation Specialists, Beamsville, Ontario

  • Optimal efficiency and production costs are of utmost importance in an industry where consistent high quality is mandatory. A very important part of the quality control at AtlantiCann can be attributed to our irrigation and fertigation system designed and installed by Zwart Systems. The ability to formulate our own recipes allows us to tweak them when necessary, adjusting variables based on how plants respond. Our Zwart irrigation and fertigation system is extremely reliable. Zwart’s experience in the food and floral industry gives them great insight on what is, and what is not going to work. Our Zwart units have never failed us; they are very well crafted with high-value components.
    Anthony Giardino | ATLANTICANN | Halifax, NS

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