ECA Systems

The ECA System from Zwart produces ECA water in its purest form and is an effective, safe and economical method of providing clean, safe water for all horticultural crops.

ECA Systems Nutrient Management at Zwart Systems | Greenhouse Irrigation & Automation Specialists, Beamsville, Ontario

ECA Systems

Electrolysis of potassium chloride results in an Electro Chemical Activated (ECA) water. ECA water is produced freshly on-site and is immediately used for safe and effective disinfection and cleaning of irrigation systems.

Without effective cleaning treatment, biofilm will exist throughout the water system—in pipelines, storage tanks, sprinklers and drip systems. In addition to causing clogging problems in plumbing lines, biofilm is a breeding ground for plant pathogenic bacteria, fungi and viruses. Via the water supply, these pathogens can attack plants at their roots.

Biofilm in water can be eliminated by ECA injection. ECA water is produced using electricity, softened water, and potassium chloride.

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ECA Systems Overview

Grower results have shown that roots are healthier, diseases are dramatically reduced, and cut flowers have lasted longer. ECA is the grower's solution for a healthy, virus and bacteria-free water system!

How an ECA System Works

  • Biofilm Prevention & Control

    Biofilm is a growing concern in the greenhouse industry. This self-generating bacterial film attaches itself to the inside of pipes, sprinklers, drippers, nozzles, sieves, valves, and storage tanks in the greenhouse watering system. Drain heaters and Ultraviolet (UV) units do not have an effect on biofilm because neither system has a long-term effect on the water system. The concerns of biofilm growth and its negative effects on plant production can be successfully eliminated using our plant safe potassium chloride-based ECA Injection System.

  • Using an ECA Injection System

    The ECA Injection System creates controlled electrochemically activated water. ECA water contains free active chlorine as potassium-hypochlorite and hypochlorous acid. ECA water is a highly effective free chlorine oxidant which reacts with and eliminates all kind of micro-organisms. The free-active chlorine in ECA water combats biofilm and pathogens by oxidizing all organic compounds in irrigation water. Micro-organisms will no longer attach themselves to clean water pipes. An ECA Injection System supplies a safe and controlled dosage of ECA Water to crops—the free active chlorine components from the electrolyzed potassium chloride return potassium as fertilizer and will contribute to healthy plant growth.

Applications & Advantages

  • Applications
    • Prevention of biofilm in irrigation systems
    • Control and prevention of bacteria, root and fungal diseases
    • Improvement of water quality in water recycling systems
    • Post-harvest treatment of cut flowers
    • Can be used at a different concentration for the purpose of wash down of growing areas
  • Advantages
    • Eliminates biofilm
    • Safe, effective, and economical
    • Raw materials are harmless and easily available
    • Pure disinfection and cleaning agent
    • Harmless to the environment, oxidative activity reverts back to water
    • Eliminates the need for specialty storage of dangerous chemical alternatives
    • Short activation time (0.3 - 10 seconds)
    • ECA Solution creates a strong oxidizer and free chlorine solution that deactivates micro-organisms
    • The addition of ECA Solution to irrigation water cleans irrigation systems, resulting in more healthy plants
    • The growth of slime, algae, fungus, and plant pathogens is prevented in water systems by mixing a low quantity of ECA solution with irrigation water

ECA Systems Nutrient Management at Zwart Systems | Greenhouse Irrigation & Automation Specialists, Beamsville, Ontario

  • We have been using ECA as an integral part of our fertigation system for several years now. There are numerous benefits for the plants and also for system maintenance. The explosive growth and health of the root zone are unlike what we have seen with any other product. We have cracked plastic pots with the force of the root growth!
    Alessandro Cesario | GTI GROWS | Las Vegas, NV

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