pH Correction

pH is an important detail in plant nutrient uptake. Zwart Systems has designed a pH loop system to help growers in correcting pH in farm irrigation.

pH Correction Nutrient Management at Zwart Systems | Greenhouse Irrigation & Automation Specialists, Beamsville, Ontario

pH Correction

If your farm or greenhouse irrigates using rainwater or lake water, you may have water that is low in bicarbonates. If this is the case, then often fertilizer selection will help you reach your desired pH level.

If your farm irrigates using well water or pond water, the bicarbonates can be high, and it may be a challenge to correct and maintain at a proper pH level. When bicarbonate is high it is necessary to lower the pH by adding an acid. When the pH value and the desired set point are too far apart, and bicarbonate level is high, multiple dosings of acid may be required. If dose levels are too strong you can go over the ‘pH cliff’.

Circulating water in a tank with a pH loop is the safest way to maintain the correct pH set point.

From the Ground Up

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pH Correction Overview

Stabilize your pH by buffering your water from a high pH to a balanced pH set point to deliver proper pH balanced water to the crop so nutrients are maximized at plant level. Buffering your raw water storage with a pH loop sets your farm up to grow a more successful crop. When fertilizer is introduced through a Cyclone Pump Set a final correction can be made to the solution as it is sent to the crop.

Did You Know?

  • Facts About pH Correction
    • If pH levels are too high, plants won’t take in fertilizer nutrients. If the pH is too low it will burn the plant roots.
    • A pH loop can be a stand-alone control unit, or it can be integrated into your greenhouse's environmental control computer.
    • pH loop systems can also be used to add bicarbonate to pH “buffer up” when reverse osmosis water is present or in other applications.

Features & System Options

  • Features
    • Allows plants to absorb more nutrients efficiently
    • Corrects fresh water, not just fertilized water
    • Better for misting
    • Balances changeable rain or well water
  • System Options
    • Can be integrated with environmental computer
    • Optional stand-alone controller
    • Single probe or dual probe control

pH Correction Nutrient Management at Zwart Systems | Greenhouse Irrigation & Automation Specialists, Beamsville, Ontario

  • At Orchard Park greenhouses pH is so important and foundational to both our propagation and finished product line. We produce several challenging crops and excellent pH control allows us to unlock the potential of these crops. From gerbera seedlings, to flowering vines we need the right pH dialed in. Zwart Systems has been a strategic partner for our growing company for over 30 years. They have helped us set up to be successful.
    Gerard Schouwenaar | ORCHARD PARK | Jordan ON

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