General Supplies

Zwart Systems offers a variety of other greenhouse supplies to support your crop production.

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Our Ground Cover is woven from 100% black polypropylene slit film (also available in white). The yarns contain 2% carbon black, used as an UV inhibitor and light lock. This product allows water to flow through the fabric, but prevents weed growth from penetrating through the yarns. The black ground cover has green marker lines spaced on 12" centers to aid in container alignment. 

  • Specifications

    Ground cover is woven in 6', 10', and 12' widths

    Standard mill length is 300'

    Standard weight is 3.2 oz. square yard

    4.2 oz sq/yd available upon request

    White ground cover is also available

Pond Covers

By adding a pond cover you can reduce the negative effects of algae and bacteria in your pond water providing you with a higher quality of irrigation water. You will also reduce evaporation and time on cleaning filters. 

Pond Aerators

Our diaphragm aerators will maintain levels at 9 - 12 ppm of dissolved oxygen in ponds up to 2 acres in size and can be valved to run up to three air stones set in three smaller tanks off of one aeration kit.

  • Benefits

    Aerators can be spread across 3 tanks up to 100,000 gallons each

    Pond and cistern aerator requirements are 110V 1/3 HP

    Will aerate up to a 2-acre pond

    Reduces the presence of algae

    Improves water

    Increases oxygen in water

    Simple to install

Propagation Film

1.1 mil white plastic available in 8’ and 12’ widths

Greenhouse Fans

European engineered 16" and 20" horizontal air flow fan designed specifically for Greenhouse applications.

  • Specifications

    Air Flow of 140' and 190' Variable Speed Built with energy efficient

    Multifan motor Automatic thermal protection

    Engineered fiberglass housing

    Available in 120VOLT and 240VOLT models

    Wire guards front and back

    Optional hanging hardware available