Design Solutions

Zwart Systems provides knowledgeable product specialists to design a custom greenhouse solution that will help you achieve your production goals. 

Design Solutions

A properly designed irrigation system will provide you with years of payback on your investment. 

When considering a build, an expansion, or an upgrade to your production facilities, sharing your complete vision with one of Zwart Systems knowledgeable consultants should be your first step.

Our specialists have years of industry experience and will help you to understand your businesses potential. 

We believe the best designs come from customers who are engaged in the process. Together, with our knowledge and your unique situation, we will provide you with a custom solution for your greenhouse operation.

From the Ground Up

At Zwart Systems, we offer complete design, manufacturing, installation, and service of all our products. We can help create a system that's right for you.

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Design Process

Zwart Systems will present your company with options on how to best achieve your production goals. Our product specialists will work with you through all phases of the project development process.

  • Conceptual Drawings

    Every Zwart Irrigation System begins with conceptual drawings. Drawings are typically hand sketched during client meetings to get a snapshot of the project overview and its  potential.

  • Estimate Preparation

    Our system designer will review flow rates, system pressure requirements, and specific details that are customized to each individual  farm.

    These details assist in generating  estimates for customers to review. The design and quoting process typically requires a few revisions before the final package and price is presented to the client for review approval. 

    Upon client approval, project development is  initiated. 

  • Process and Instrumentation Drawing

    The first drawing developed is a process and instrumentation drawing. This drawing is essential for all trades to review.

    It assists in understanding the control points for the environmental computer, the power loads requirements for the electricians, and the system flow pattern so that the grower has a complete understanding of how the system operates.

  • CAD Drawings

    Once the process drawing receives approval, the design team can proceed with  the complete CAD drawings for the project.  

    CAD drawings include complete irrigation room drawings, distribution piping, and zone plumbing details. At the completion of a project all drawings and manuals are submitted to the customer for their facility records. 

  • 2D Drawings

    Although Zwart Systems can prepare complete 3D design packages for every job, in many cases it is not required. For simple installations, a 2D line drawing is all that is necessary.

  • Working with Zwart Systems booms has been a great experience. The control program for operating the boom is very user friendly and versatile. Freeman Herbs has been using Zwart Systems boom irrigation for almost 10 years to irrigate crops and to propagate tens of thousands of seedling and cutting plug trays every year. Because Freeman Herbs grows on a moving bench system, we need a boom program that allows quick easy changes to watering location and frequency to follow the constantly moving crops. Freeman's overall experience running Perfect Rain booms is that they are easy to use and are reliable. If we encounter any problems Zwart Systems and their customer support team are quick to resolve them.
    Brendan Hendricks | FREEMAN HERBS, Lincoln, ON

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