Vertical Farming

TAVA Systems, a division of Zwart Systems, offers fully automated indoor growing for vertical farming for your greenhouse expansion project.

TAVA Vertical Farming Systems at Zwart Systems | Greenhouse Irrigation & Automation Specialists, Beamsville, Ontario

Vertical Farming Systems

TAVA's vertical farming system is designed to integrate seamlessly with greenhouse irrigation systems from Zwart Systems. Let our expertise improve your growing experience.

TAVA cooperates with your partners to develop special lighting for growing crops in vertical farms. In a vertical farm, the light spectrum can change per layer, which results in a rapid and even growth of your crop.

With our engineers at Zwart Systems, we can work with your LED supplier to achieve the best results.

From the Ground Up

At Zwart Systems, we offer complete design, manufacturing, installation, and service of all our products. We can help create a system that's right for you.

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Vertical Farming Systems Overview


  • High-Quality Crops

    Water scarcity and climate change have made the availability of quality products unpredictable worldwide. In order to guarantee a reliable and predictable supply of fresh, high-quality crops, more and more vertical farms are being built. In vertical farms, a constant climate is maintained, and water is reused as much as possible.

    By growing in height, the available cultivation space is used efficiently. State-of-the-art LED lighting is combined with ebb and flow or hydroponic technology. The result is the most flexible, reliable and predictable supply of fresh, high-quality products ever.

  • Cultivation Process Control

    A vertical farm enables you to fully control the environment of the plant because there are no external influences. Light, energy and water are used in the most efficient manner, leading to a very small ecological footprint from the crop.

    TAVA has built a strong reputation in designing, engineering and installing solutions for vertical farms.

  • Year Round Produce

    In a vertical farm, the use of water and fertilizers is kept to a minimum, contributing to sustainable growth. The safest and highest quality produce can be delivered within a short period, and year-round.

  • Well-Thought-Out Design

    TAVA begins each project with a well-thought-out design. This is crucial for the development and delivery of multi-layer systems in vertical farms. Our logistic solutions make sure space is used in the most efficient way.

    Automatic lifts and automatic vehicles ensure fast and reliable container transport between multiple layers. Automation of logistics not only reduces the margin of error but also saves on labor costs.

Features & Systems

  • Features
    • Custom engineered for each project
    • User-friendly designs for maximum output
    • Manual or fully automated
    • Integrated irrigation systems provided by Zwart Systems
  • Available Systems
    • Multi-level cart systems
    • Multi-level moving table systems
    • Stationary racks
    • Rolling racks
    • Automated Gutter systems

TAVA Vertical Farming Systems at Zwart Systems | Greenhouse Irrigation & Automation Specialists, Beamsville, Ontario

  • TAVA Systems has been dedicated to sales and development of automated systems for the greenhouse industry since 2004. We offer complete collaborative design combined with uncompromising service, achieving high quality results for the customer in every system. Whether your needs are for simple solutions or a fully integrated multi-layer ECA systems TAVA can deliver.
    TAVA Systems

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