Pump Stations & Valve Manifolds

Zwart Systems has designed a complete line of pump stations and offers custom-designed valve manifolds to help simplify your greenhouse irrigation process.

Pump Valve & Manifolds at Zwart Systems | Greenhouse Irrigation & Automation Specialists, Beamsville, Ontario

Pump Stations 

Many greenhouses struggle to maintain consistent water pressure when the demand for water flow changes on the farm. This leads to uneven boom flow rates, inconsistent nozzle output, and it frustrates those who are hand watering.

Zwart Systems has designed a complete line of freshwater and recipe pumping stations to help in correcting this problem. 

Valve Manifolds

As production facilities get larger, so does the need for a centralized irrigation system. Efficiency in time savings, space savings and safety become key factors. 

Zwart Systems will design and build your custom valve manifold to help the grower treat each zone with a different fertilizer without having a separate fertigation system for all zones.

From the Ground Up

At Zwart Systems, we offer complete design, manufacturing, installation, and service of all our products. We can help create a system that's right for you.

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Pump Stations & Valve Manifold Overview

Zwart Systems pump stations are delivered and mounted pre-assembled on a stainless-steel frame for a clean, professional look.  The valve manifold is also pre-assemble on a stainless-steel frame making installation simple and quick. Both are simple to install and easy-to-use. 

Available Systems

  • Pump Stations

    Connect the Pump Station suction line to your water supply, and its discharge line to the main line that supplies water throughout the farm.

    Whether the flow rate is 5 gpm or 300 gpm+, installing a Pump Station will increase/decrease water flow smoothly while maintaining a set pressure.

    Recipe pump stations have a pump for each recipe and are also mounted on a stainless-steel frame.

  • Valve Manifolds

    Adding a Valve Manifold allows the grower to choose from several fertilizer injectors (proportional or computer-controlled) to send crop treatments to any zone. A single fertilizer injection system can create multiple pre-mixed recipe tanks.

    A pumping station connected to each recipe tank sends treatments to grow zones. Each of these different feeds form the supply lines to the manifold. Fresh water can also be connected to the supply system and sent to any zone.

Benefits & Options

  • Features & Benefits
    • Used to direct varying recipes to multiple locations
    • From a centralized irrigation room, growers can direct any recipe to any zone on the facility
    • Manifolds can be built on site or prefabricated in our factory
    • Pump stations can be made to pump fresh or fertilized water
    • Ship pre-assembled and mounted on a stainless-steel frame 
    • Thermal protection switches on the pumps will prevent over-heating if your supply tank/cistern runs dry
    • Constructed using pumps with variable frequency drives to meet fluctuating flow rates smoothly
    • ESA Approved
  • Options
    • Manual or automated valve selection
    • Available lead-lag control for low and high flow situations
    • Supplied with 2 pumps to make up your max flow (50% back-up) or 2 pumps that will each meet maximum flow (100% back-up)
    • Valves can be manual ball-valves or automated solenoid valves. Frequency of recipe change should determine which valve option is the better choice for your farm.

Pump Valve & Manifolds at Zwart Systems | Greenhouse Irrigation & Automation Specialists, Beamsville, Ontario


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